Dan started his tattoo career in 2012, with only having one afternoon a week to practice his skill as he had a full time job as a driver, he was determined to pursue his dream of becoming a tattoo artist & did not let anything get in his way. A colleague of his really wanted a tattoo so Dan improvised & put together a homemade tattoo machine which consisted of a pen, small dynamo, stitching needle & pen ink. To their excitement it worked & from that moment on Dan knew that he wanted to be the best tattoo artist possible. He purchased his very first professional tattoo kit & started teaching himself by watching YouTube clips & joining Tattoo groups on Facebook. It did not end there as he became part of a Facebook group called Pinoy Newbie Tattoo Artist (PINTA). Dan was part of the team that conducted beginner workshops to improve every member’s abilities & skills, helping one other to improve & of course had advisers to guide them, to be a good examples within the industry & always showcase a positive attitude. In 2016, his full-time contract as a driver came to an end & Dan had the opportunity to completely focus on furthering his drawing skill set & tattooing skills.

Dan loves the challenge to create a custom art piece on a live canvas. Kuya Jon, an underground tattoo artist was Dan’s inspiration, as it was Kuya that created Dan’s first ever tattoo. Dan’s all-time favorite artist would be Pents Clemente, who he describes as being very humble & kind as he allows his work to speak for itself. When Dan completed his client’s first tattoo he was so happy because of how they were smiling, the satisfaction on his client’s faces at the end of their session is his constant motivation to progress.


Now that Dan has gained his confidence & nurtured his skill set, he is really enjoying Polynesian tattoo artwork, however is confident within his custom designs & states that it depends on his clients & what they would like, he sets out to ensure whatever design they choose he does it to his best ability making the art piece come to life so that the client is completely satisfied & hopefully returns for another piece. We asked Dan to describe his work in one word & with a smile he stated “heartfelt”. Dan’s most proud moment of his career was coming 2nd place within the Novice category at the Tattoo Summit 2017, held in Cainta as it was his very first competition & he hopes to enter more competitions to showcase his skills.


Dan’s favorite part of being a tattoo artist is forming friendships with others in the industry & with his clients, he states that it is not about money but rather the respect for the people & the artwork & skill. The advice Dan would give anyone who is hoping or thinking about joining the industry would be to make sure You really want to do it, not because its trending, not publicity, its not like that, do it for yourself & be ready to learn every day.