Mem started his journey within the tattoo industry in March 2017, his love for tattoos & fashion drove him into pursuing his abilities as an artist. Although he was incredibly nervous when tattooing his first client, he stayed optimistic & motivated, believing in his art & how it will bring joy to each client when admiring their unique addition to their bodies. Mem has taken his abilities to a new reach by mixing neo traditional art with new school characteristics adding life to his custom pieces. Mem was asked to describe his art in one word & as humble as can be he answered “Love”. What brings joy to his heart is the admiration the client gives their piece once completed, knowing that all the love he put into creating their tattoo can be felt & appreciated by the client.

Mem has a competitive side to him as he mentions that his favorite moment in his career was participating in a tattoo competition, not only the thrill of competing but learning from others from the industry & constantly gaining more appreciation for the specific form of art. Mem has one various competitions within the newbie & non pro categories. He strives to further his knowledge by following his favorite tattoo of all time Steve Butcher. Mem believes that a combination of his imagination within his drawings & his love for fashion will help him grow his niche to new levels.


The ultimate piece of advice Mem would offer any individual who has dream't about joining the industry is that you should always follow your dreams no matter what anyone says, do what makes you happy in life & never stop working at achieving your life long goals.