Ben started his career by creating henna pieces on his friend as he was approached for the challenge & could not pass it up, by 2011 he was so captivated by the process of adding a visual form of speech onto those who craved the artwork that he decided to further his skill in permanent tattoos. The reason for his love for tattooing is enjoying every moment within his career by exploring his artistic capabilities & empowering others to express themselves through his pieces.  Ben explained that he draws his inspiration & motivation from his best childhood friend, who has always stood by him in his determination to succeed within the industry.


The first time Ben applied a permanent tattoo on his first client he was riddled with nerves but mostly excitement as he was living out his dream he had worked so hard to achieve. The most unique & unforgettable experience in Ben’s career was when he was asked to tattoo the address & contact number on his friends brother, as he had autism & was going missing often, his main hope is that he was able to help ease their lives & struggles.

Ben’s ultimate interest & therefore his specialty is within realism tattoo work which showcases his strengths within line work & shading. Ben admitted that he does not favor any one artist within the industry but will forever remember the words of a local artist “Never quit something you have started & always invest love within your passion”. Ben’s only word to describe his work is “exploring” as his work is never-ending & it is a tool to help his clients endure on their adventure to self-discovery.


The ultimate advice Ben could give anyone interested in the industry is to be as active as possible within their art, don’t give up, be yourself & trust yourself, accept mistakes & allow them to help you grow in a positive way. Ben is incredible as he is one of very few who takes his own advice & always enters in competitions that will challenge him into becoming better, earlier this year Ben won 6th place in the newbie category in Marikina & was truly humbled by the amazing journey.