Chris was sixteen when he realised he had the heart & passion of an artist, he spent a great amount of time practising his art through graffiti, from there he said it was only natural for him to want to further his artistic skills by adding his work onto live canvas and not just walls. Chris’s career truly flourished in 2011 when he declared himself a tattoo artist, although very nervous when tattooing for the first time he turned those nerves into confidence and when asked to describe his art in one word he declares “amazing”. The best moment in Chris’s career is the day to day improvement he sees within his work and being able to invest his focus and valuable time in understanding what his client wants and ensuring they leave the studio with smiles on their faces.

Chris loves to spend time with his friends and fellow artists within the industry, bouncing ideas off one another, ensuring their work is always present and trend setting. He admits that he gains much of his influence from his friends as they have all grown together within this industry, stating that it is not just a career path but forming connections as a family would. A mentor and all-time favourite tattoo artist in Chris’s opinion would be Steve Butcher.

Chris has entered several competitions over the years and came 9th in the newbie category out of 45 artists to enter at the Manila Ink Show, he then entered the Antipolo Culture Competition and came 7th place under the newbie category. He did not stop there, with the confidence behind him he entered the non-pro category at Rock Fest Tattoo and placed 8th to then enter in Tagisan ng Kamay and place 3rd within the non-pro category. Over the years Chris has showcased that his passion and niche is within realistic portraits and water color tattoos. If there is any piece of advice this gentleman could give to any young aspiring artists it would be to focus on your art and always believe in your abilities.